When considering the quality and impact of your website content, ask yourself the following questions.


  1. Did I run a spell check to look for typos?
  2. Are words missing that perhaps the spell check didn’t catch?
  3. Do my verb tenses match?
  4. Does my sentence structure flow smoothly and is it grammatically correct?
  5. What sort of vocabulary am I using?
  6. Does the overall tonality of my website content speak the ‘language’ of my target clientele?
  7. Is my content boring, stuck up, disconnected or common – all attitudes that can turn off potential clients?
  8. Does my content speak to the masses or a targeted audience?
  9. Does my content rant excessively?
  10. Where’s the thrill? Is my content nondescript, driving that potential client to look elsewhere?
  11. Does my content tug at the desires of my reader?
  12. Finally, does my content instill a sense of trust?


Intelligent content is not about using big words, being conceited or aloof

It is about appealing to your reader with relaxed, intimate language that welcomes him into your world with the warmest of invitations.


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