If you are a professional model that relies on your business as a sole source of income, one of the worst things that can happen is if your website shuts down

The SESTA/FOSTA bills have jarred the United States exotic entertainment industry but Elegant Copywriting, Consulting and Design D.C. is taking action. As with all businesses in any economy, if we don’t stay on top of the curve the consequences could prove to be costly. But…don’t get scared; get prepared! Below is our plan of action, keeping in mind that this post will remain under revision as the entertainment industry reactions take shape.

ECD website servers have move to offshore hosting in Amsterdam

We have successfully moved our servers to offshore hosting either in the EU. Many factors must be considered with selecting an ISP. This decision is one that was under consideration for quite some time and one that we did not take lightly. The only caveat about offshore hosting is that privacy protection is not available the way we know it in the USA. For companions who haven’t done this already, establishing an LLC as a consultant is the best way to protect not only your identity and location but your business in general.

ECD is now using ProtonMail

No more Big Brother, uh, I mean Google Gmail. We highly recommend signing up with ProtonMail, (free or paid), end-to-end encrypted email service based out of Switzerland (and protected by Swiss privacy laws); or Safe Office email (starting at $20 per month) to ensure that your emails are encrypted. ECD’s new email is: elegantcopy@protonmail.ch.

No more .coms, .net, .biz or .org

Now this is a move that is going to take a tad bit of time. While we feel confident that all of these shifts are taking place early, we need to think about not only site migrations but also ‘parking’ the .com URLs at the new (to be determined) URLs for a period of time so as not to lose business (example: if your website is now www.Jane.com, we’ll purchase a new domain — www.Jane.ch and have www.Jane.com forwarded to www.Jane.ch for a period of time). Prior to the SESTA/FOSTA bills going in to effect at the beginning of 2019, clients will have a chance to establish their new .ch domains. We recommend that all companions do the same and will offer paid support to do so.

Time to modify your website content!

Even with offshore hosting, new domain suffixes and encrypted emails, we need to envision how website platforms such as WordPress may now assess your content, assuming they could change their terms and conditions. No more favored buzzwords or acronyms. This new standard implies a lot of creative writing and descriptive content – a new sort of branding. If you don’t want to risk your site ‘falling off the map’ overnight, it is best to armor yourself with content that will not be red flagged.

Escort Blogging and social media are the most reliable ways to showcase your business

As many of my clients will attest, I have been preaching about the importance of intimate playmate blogging and social media for years. Organic marketing at its best, blogging and social media could ultimately become about the only two avenues left for advertising your business, outside of moving your exposure to non-U.S. entities. The Erotic Review has closed its doors to U.S. providers. Is Eros next? Or, what if they ban you? I know so many exotic entertainers who have been banned from these platforms and are left struggling with business from the impact.

Your site should be built on WordPress

By far, WordPress is the best, most versatile platform upon which to build your website. Understanding that we highly recommend every professional model modify her content in light of SESTA/FOSTA, hosting on WordPress should not be a problem. We advise every sensual playmate who has any kind of ‘buzzwords’ in her content to remove them, even if it means re-writing her content altogether.

Elegant Copywriting, Consulting and Design DC is looking out for you!

Here at ECD, we are not afraid to make changes and discover the silver lining in radical change. The world is constantly evolving and the welfare of our clients is very important to us. If you have questions or need a helping hand on how to  safeguard your business in light of these uncertain times, EMAIL for a complimentary consultation about website design, copywriting or consulting. We are here to help!