Because content writing (also known as ghostwriting) is such an intimate process, we designed the Content Writing Process (CWP) as a writing tool to guide you through the ‘get-to-know-me’ phone consultation. Some ladies prefer to prepare in advance for the phone call to answer questions they may not have thought of. The CWP is a super fun process that is all about girl behind the computer. It can be found here.

That’s a great question! The answer varies depending on how full our pipeline is. Normally, turnaround time for content production is 4-8 weeks. During busier months it can be up to 12 weeks. However, we do not like to hold clients up that long because everyone wants their content as soon as possible! Rush projects are available depending upon our schedule and for an additional fee. If you are having a website designed and need your new content by a specific date, we will always accommodate the deadline. Keeping our clients happy is why we work so hard!

Yes. All content packages, prices and guidelines apply.
Payment methods include bank deposit or ClearXchange network. Credit cards are not accepted for content.
As soon as we are able to coordinate our schedules. General availability for consultations is Monday through Friday 9am-1pm, EST and will be coordinated via email.


Yes. Your new website will have a very powerful control panel with which you can do just about anything your heart desires.
Yes. As many websites have custom coding that you cannot see right in front of you, always copy and paste the content and save in Notepad or Microsoft Word before making edits. That way, if you mess it up, you can most likely just put it back.
Yes. Please see Tutorials for details on how to edit your gallery.
First, login to your site and check for any updates. If your site still isn’t working after updates are performed, visit Help Center and submit a work request.
The Website Design Process is a form which guides you through all of the step-by-step details required to build your website.
After your deposit is received, at our earliest possible convenience.
Approximately eight weeks from the date of your consultation.
Though your domain will be listed on the ECD host server, you will own your domain. If you would like to have your domain transferred into your name, please submit a Work Request through Help Center. Your domain will be transferred at no cost.
Registrar data will not show your real name attached to your website. Privacy protection is renewable on an annual basis.
Go to the Content Writing Process and complete the form. At the bottom there is a file upload option.
The first year of domain registration, private domain protection and hosting is free. After that, hosting and domain is $155 per year for individual websites. This renewal fee does not apply to business websites.
As soon as possible. General availability for consultations is Monday through Friday 9am-1pm, EST and will be coordinated via email.
The approximate turnaround time for websites is 4-12 weeks depending upon the current schedule.


Consulting works on many different levels. We offer three consulting packages: beginners, branding and marketing. If you are a new companion who wants to learn how to navigate the industry, beginner’s consulting is the package for you. Beginner’s consulting is backed by more than ten years of experience working on the business-to-business side of the adult entertainment industry. You can’t find a better friend that will never share your secrets and never ever judge you (the same goes for branding and marketing). Branding consulting is essential on two fronts: as a newbie, selecting your stage name and defining your persona are absolutely critical. You should only brand yourself once because many factors are involved. Branding consulting is also beneficial for those escorts who have discovered that they branded themselves wrong; gotten into some sort of trouble; or want to create a new persona for other reasons. Professional guidance can prevent costly mistakes and even keep you out of harm’s way! Once you have your branding down, marketing consulting is for courtesans who are more established and want to increase their business; companions who have hit a plateau and cannot seem to grow their business; newbies who have no clue how to market themselves. Expect to receive tons of advice and guidance. We will give you all of the tools that you need to make your business a success. All in all, consulting is one of the best investments you’ll ever make.

Come with as many questions as you like as they relate to your consulting package. The best way to prepare yourself is to complete the Consulting Process (aka the CP) prior to our scheduled consultation. The CP provides you with in-depth questions to really get you thinking about your business and the provider that you want to become. We take consulting very seriously. That is why we treat your business just as any other profession. All consulting sessions are a mental exercise which is why it is so important to prepare in advance. All you have to do is follow the CP and you will be well on your way!

By nature, we are very personable, down-to-earth and never lose the element of fun! Expect to feel like you are talking to an old friend about anything under the sun. Nothing comes as a shock. You can totally open up and let your hair down. As we get further into depth about the things that really matter, you might find yourself outside of your comfort zone as we take a serious look in the mirror about who and what you want to become. You will always feel the love with our compassionate way and tendency to see the glass as half full rather than half empty. Always feel free to ‘pick our brains’ with anything that comes to mind about your business!

It happens often that a courtesan just needs a sounding board; a caring voice on the other end of the line who will never tell. With consulting, you have found an authority in the world of adult entertainment; an unbiased and informed professional who can help you work through just about any issue related to your business. However, consulting is not magic. Expect to receive a lot of guidance, tools and homework. It is up to you to follow through. You are always welcomed with open arms.

Discretion is our middle name! Having been in the business-to-business side of adult entertainment for more than ten years, we completely understand the many reasons why an escort is UTR (under the radar), does not show her face, is professional by day and moonlights by night or never wants her family and friends to know about her business a professional entertainer. We also will never share your personal information or any details that you might reveal during a consulting session. All of your information is always held in strict confidence because anything less would be totally unprofessional.