With so much uncertainty surrounding SESTA and FOSTA, it’s almost like the proverbial carpet is being pulled out from beneath the professional entertainment industry


Time to change your state of mind! Many of the advocates that support FOSTA are opposed to sex work in general. While these bills may limit human trafficking and child pornography (which is a good thing), the implications overshadowing free speech for professional models and hostesses are daunting. What are the first steps that you as a tour guide can take to safeguard your business and future?

Silence your content

If your website text is too suggestive or implies the offering of illegal acts, rewrite it or replace it altogether. I have read a lot of model website content that makes me cringe by the crass content. Creatively structure your content in a way that speaks in metaphors. Do not use lewd language. Rather, use suggestive words that imply ideas so as to keep you safe, at least until the aftermath of FOSTA takes shape.

Curb your imagery

I have always been an opponent of raunchy photos that leave nothing to the imagination. In light of SESTA and FOSTA, avoiding this type of branding is more critical than ever. Such images degrade the branding of the model behind the pictures and could incriminate. Keep it tasteful, ladies. Show skin in a classy way that will inspire your viewers without giving it all away in a few photos. Think Agent Provocateur, Kiki di Montparnasse.

Replace your keywords

This is a big one and doing so means that your content could totally unravel. We will begin to see a new industry standard. Gone are the days of keywords and phrases as we know them. Now more than ever, it is important that your content expresses the services that you offer in more obscure ways that subtly paint a picture without the use of blatant wording. But not to worry! Expect a new era of key words and phrases that I will be putting together in a later post.

Change your domain suffix from .com to .ch

Top level domain extensions such as .com, .net are the most common among professional model websites. These domain extensions are regulated by the United States and ICANN. If SESTA and FOSTA turn out to be disastrous for the exotic entertainment industry, changing your domain suffix to a country code top level domain such as .ch from Switzerland is a safe bet.

2257 disclosure is more important than ever

Does your website have a legal disclosure? If not, now is the time to add one. If you already have one, check the language. It should be clear and strong. Make it beefy.

Should you password protect your blog?

Think about adding a members only section to your website where you can express a bit more freedom in how much skin you show and the maturity of your language. Unless your words are benign, it is probably a good idea to password protect your blog. In doing so, you will collect a database of subscribers to which you can advertise through a drip email marketing campaign (more on this topic in a future post).

Encrypt your business email account

If your email account is not encrypted, you should run, not walk to an email client that protects your privacy and anonymity. Consider using ProtonMail or SafeOffice. Remember not to select .com for your new email account, not even your backup email account.

Switter is the new Twitter

In this social forum called SWITTER, speak your mind and flaunt your assets as much as you like. Mastodon is the software that Switter uses. Switter is a distributed and federated social network, with microblogging features similar to Twitter but administered as a decentralized federation of independently operated servers running free software. What does all that gibberish mean? No censorship! Founded in 2016, we wish to thank Eugen Rochko, the originating developer, for blessing us all with a forum that is all about free speech. Toot away, ladies! Oh, and don’t forget to post your SWITTER LISTING. Then, DELETE all of those saucy Tweets that you’ve posted over the years, just to be on the safe side.

Shadowbanned on Twitter?

Shadowbanning is the act of banning a user or their content from an online community (like  Twitter) so that the user does not realize that they have been banned. In the case of Twitter, if you have been shadowbanned, you might be tweeting but your tweets are not seen. Just one more reason to join Switter (catch me there! @Meeshee).

Rethink where to store your digital information

As in your contacts, photos, content and anything else that could be incriminating to your business. Discontinue using Google drive and iCloud. At any given time, they can delete your account and all its information or worse, disclose your personal details upon request of the U.S. government. Revert to the old fashioned method: backing up all of the information on your computer to an external hard drive plugged into your computer. You own it and no one has access to it except your cat or dog. Even though they claim privacy, online data storage (cloud storage) services can access your data at any time.

Finally, avoid using services that require location information and ensure that your website is hosted offshore

As talked about in our previous articles, ECD has moved our servers to offshore hosting in Amsterdam.  Many more factors about what professional entertainers can do to arm their businesses moving forward will be discussed in upcoming articles. Brace yourself for exciting times, ladies and gents!